Poem “Limited Text Messaging” by Ash Krafton

“Limited Text Messaging”

This poem was published today by Oddball Magazine. Inspired by the wonderful honesty of #poppunk music. Thank God I am almost old, happily married, and firmly beyond the tragedy of dating. 🙂

(Thanks to Jason Wright and Chad Parental of Oddball Magazine)

Writers, take a peek at http://www.oddballmagazine.com and see if they are a good fit for your work!

Photography by Su Red.

Source: Poem by Ash Krafton


What Does Your Cover Say About Your Book?

Cover designer Seth Chamberlin talks shop. Your book cover is your single most important piece of marketing for your book!

III a.m.

The value of a good cover is really hard to measure. What about the price of a bad cover? Maybe equally as hard to measure, but I can tell you that it is a turn off to a good many would be readers. I was talking to an author about my cover design business and he referred to the covers he created for his self-published books as “make shift covers”. You can have a make shift switch on your lawnmower. You can have a make shift table by throwing a piece of plywood on top of something quasi level. You cannot have a make shift cover. It’s either a cover or it’s not, good or bad.

Here is the problem that we all see a lot in self-publishing (and even with some small indie presses). Writers think that they are being judged on the quality of their writing and the…

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Book Review: Words that Bind by Ash Krafton

Book Review: Words that Bind by Ash Krafton.

New review for fantasy romance Words That Bind…thrilled to discover another happy reader! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

25 Ways to Help Self-Published Authors

Thank you, Tricia Schneider, for sharing this… I’m glad to pass it on!

And if you are a reader, a writer, or an all-around great person, please share this, too… art only survives when it’s enjoyed. *hearts*


25 Ways to Help Self-Published Authors.

  1. Buy a self-published book
  2. Leave an honest review. (In fact, leave a review on more than one site!)
  3. Thank the author publicly on social media.
  4. Recommend the book to someone else….

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#CoffinHop | Requiem at The Death Masquerade Ball

Adieu, adieu…

Kintsugi Poets Society

Lost Identity by Tomasz Alen Kopera ©.

The time has come to bid adieu
Creatures remove their masks
The sirens sing a terrible requiem
The banshees shriek with unearthly delight
The werewolves howl into the night
The spirits moan with grief

Nasnus rattles his cage of bones and flesh trapped in rage and Grief
Ravens cackle and caw, taking wing bid their dark mistress Morrigan Adieu
Spirits wrathful, Spirits vengeful retreat into Van Gogh’s endless Night
She rises in fire born in Dragons’ breath, Leaving a trail of singed Masks
The fae dance a dirge as the night unmasks decay hidden in dead Delight
A keening claws at the air as the banshees sing their final Requiem

Ghostly queens, haunted kings dance to their madness in sweet Requiem
The sand walker drowns his prey in the immortal sands of Grief
Silvery sidhe spin the bewitched across the starburnt night in…

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Fleet-Winged Fate by Ash Krafton #CoffinHop

Fleet-Winged Fate by Ash Krafton #CoffinHop.

In the spirit of the scary season, I’m once again indulging myself in the Coffin Hop…and celebrating dark poetry with the Kintsugi Poets. Visit the above link to read this and other poems…as well as see how to visit the Coffin Hop and enter creepy giveaways.


have fun!

Grand Launch BlogHop – Broken words whispered in the Dark

Grand Launch BlogHop – Broken words whispered in the Dark.



Join the Kintsugi Poets as we celebrate dark poetry…the Kintsugi Poets Society is celebrating our grand launch with a poetry blog hop. Enjoy!

Stranger at the Hell Gate, Ash Krafton (Free Amazon Download 05/14-05/18)

NOR’s Summer Fun Web Hunt–One Week Left to Win!

We are down to the final week of the Summer Fun Web Hunt… Don’t miss your chance to win!



Welcome to my Night Owl Reviews Summer Web Hunt post…glad you stopped by! We’re down to the last few days of this gigundous giveaway and I wanted to remind everyone there is still time to win!


I’m thrilled to be a part of this awesome event–so many great prizes that are up for grabs. Books, gift cards, swag–talk about booty! I’ve won books in NOR’s web hunts before so I personally know how much fun this is. I also found so many great new authors and books so it was a huge win all around…


If you’ve come from the NIGHT OWL REVIEWS Summer Web Hunt page, I know you’re here to find a special answer. I’m going to totally make it worth your time….’cause I got a BONUS WIN in this post!


The clue lies within the pages of the Demimonde…




BLEEDING HEARTS is the first book in my Demimonde series. Sophie Galen is an advice columnist who has a little secret…one she doesn’t even know. Yet.


When she meets Marek, he seems to draw her secrets to the surface. His redemption depends on her. Unfortunately, he’s got secrets of his own—dark secrets, terrible truths that are hard to share. He is Demivampire, in danger of losing his treacherous soul.


Sophie is drawn into his world, step by step, tempted by his seduction, enticed by his need, and lured by the promise of a love for which she searched half her life. What is her secret—and is she strong enough to accept her own truths?


Bleeding Hearts was released this March through Pink Narcissus Press. The follow-up, Blood Rush, is on the editor’s desk (if her laptop is on her desk, I suppose) and is expected March 2013. I’m going deeper into the Demimonde…and I hope you’ll join me.


I’ve got an extra giveaway for you all. In addition to providing Marek’s hint for the Night Owl Summer Fun Web Hunt, I have an extra surprise for followers of the Demimonde. Use the Rafflecopter form below to follow me and the Demimonde and you can win a print copy of Bleeding Hearts and a ten dollar gift card to Barnes & Noble! Earn bonus entries by Tweeting about the giveaway…the more, the merrier, I say!



a Rafflecopter giveaway



Thanks for visiting my Demimonde…I’m thrilled to share my world with you. Be sure to stop back some time to check out the review links on the side bar to see why Bleeding Hearts is getting great reviews. Readers love Sophie and Marek and the world of the Demivampire. Will you?



I have a great idea for a Bonus Bonus Win! Since I’m trying to spread the word about Bleeding Hearts and the Books of the Demimonde, I can really use your help.


Anyone who puts my Rafflecopter widget on their page to promote my book will be entered in a private raffle…for a $25 dollar Amazon Gift Card! Just leave your name and a link to your page in a comment on this post so that I can verify your entry. You can find the link to the widget here So far, I’ve verified three pages (hugs and cheers, ladies!) If you’re the next one to help me promote my book, you’d have a one in four chance of snagging that gift card. Damn good odds, I’d say! What do you say?


My thanks for your help in getting the word out about Bleeding Hearts and the Books of the Demimonde. Without enthusiastic readers and helpful friends, our books would remain our secrets…and books are secrets we should never keep from our friends. <3


Hugs and thanks for joining the Demimonde!


Get back to the main WEB HUNT page here. Best of luck, web hunters!

This is Barb Caffrey’s intro to the review she posted over at the Shiny Book Review… Enjoy!

Barb Caffrey's Blog

Here’s the latest over at Shiny Book Review, where tonight I took on Ash Krafton’s urban fantasy BLEEDING HEARTS.  This features the Demi-Vampire (they have souls, can eat regular food, and live a long time, but need blood to perform at optimum levels) as well as nasty Vampire (no -s in Krafton’s vision; the regular Vampire do not have souls and are nasty with a capital “N”) and the odd werewolf.

The heroine, Sophie Galen, is an empathic human being who writes an advice column.  (Before that, she was a nurse, which is probably why she’s named “Galen” after the eminent ancient Roman physician.)  She knows nothing about the Demi-Vampire (or D-V for short), much less the Vampire, at the start of BLEEDING HEARTS, yet she’s drawn to an unusual man, Marek Thurzo, when she visits a local museum.  (They bond over ancient Egyptian relics.)  And, of course, Marek is a D-V…

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