Meet Heroines & Hellions Author Ash Krafton

Thanks, Alex! I’m thrilled to be part of this set with you. #girlsrule #heroinesandhellions

Author Alex Owens

I’m a rocker at heart so I’m totally going to say Cristina Scabbia of the gothic metal band Lacuna Coil. She’s wicked beautiful and absolutely fierce on stage. If she can fight the way she can sing, she’d be the gal I’ll stand behind. Now, if I have to pick someone I actually know, then it’s my daughter. The newly-minted college freshman is absolutely kick-ass without even trying. When she was in grade school, we nick-named her “Enyo” and wow, did she live up to the name. 🙂 She’s trained in mixed martial arts, loves weaponry (she got a collapsible baton for her 17th birthday and came home from Europe with a knife collection. The rest of us got t-shirts), and can handle herself in the front stage crowd of a raucous concert. Through it all, she deals with the challenges of having bipolar II disorder. The overwhelming mood swings…

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