What Does Your Cover Say About Your Book?

Cover designer Seth Chamberlin talks shop. Your book cover is your single most important piece of marketing for your book!

III a.m.

The value of a good cover is really hard to measure. What about the price of a bad cover? Maybe equally as hard to measure, but I can tell you that it is a turn off to a good many would be readers. I was talking to an author about my cover design business and he referred to the covers he created for his self-published books as “make shift covers”. You can have a make shift switch on your lawnmower. You can have a make shift table by throwing a piece of plywood on top of something quasi level. You cannot have a make shift cover. It’s either a cover or it’s not, good or bad.

Here is the problem that we all see a lot in self-publishing (and even with some small indie presses). Writers think that they are being judged on the quality of their writing and the…

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