Are You Down With The Coffin Hop?

Join us for a horror-writers’ blog hop…visit for details!

Halloween isn’t just for children, going door to door for treats…horror-reading grown ups can do it, too, thanks to this year’s Coffin Hop Web Tour!

Dozens of writers and journals are leaving their porch light on for you, inviting you in for scary treats of all kinds. Take a moment to eavesdrop on some of the participants as we get ready to scare hell out of everyone.

(Be sure to follow everybody on Twitter, too, or they’ll come back to haunt you.)

Be sure to join us for chilling posts, fun contests, and your chance to win prizes. This blog hop is so cool, it’s scary.


Halloween: Perfect Excuse to Show Your Paranormal Side

Honestly, we never get tired of the unholy trinity: vampire, werewolf, and zombies. Oh, my!

Ummm. <raises hand> Did that last June. Can’t discuss it, case is still in litigation. Sorry.

Martinez? You mean the baseball player? How scary is that?

Unless you mean a zombie Martinez who’ll rip off your arm and use it for a bat. Now that would be AWESOME.

Johnny Depp? Finally! A new beast! 🙂


As much as we love the Big Three of paranormal creatures, we always have room for another.


Fresh meat…how sweet.

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