Hello world!

I’m in the process of finding my electronic feet. Since building my website is making me yell too much (note to self: do not file taxes and build website in the same month) I’ve decided to fool around with my blog accounts first.

Visit my Live Journal page to read my blog or my Blogspot to view my blog list. My blog list is an ever-growing list of agent, author, and other assorted blogs I enjoy visiting. We all know that a writer’s first job is to read. These sites are just helping me do my job, folks.

I joined WordPress so I can be closer to my fellow Pennwriters; I’ve also been invited to contribute to our area’s page. I’m looking forward to chiming in!

My first interview is over there somewhere, not that I’m trying to squeeze in some extra self-promo or anything. *wink*

Time for tea. Cheers!